Art Travel

In the perspective of the history of art, artistic works have existed for almost as long as humankind: from early pre-historic art to contemporary art. Over time, philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates and Kant, among others, questioned the meaning of art. Art has had a great number of different functions throughout its history, making its purpose difficult to abstract or quantify to any single concept. INDIGO DMC Group is co-founder of several art projects in the world; many guests are surprised by the variety of art that can be found in our destinations.

  • Spain/Portugal/Morocco: Islamic art tours

  • Spain/Portugal/Morocco: Jewish art programs

  • Spain/Portugal/Morocco: Contemporary art

  • Spain: Art and museum tours

  • Spain: Wine and art packages

  • Spain: Unknown art in monasteries in Catalonia, Aragon and Andorra

  • Spain: Gaudi, Dali, Joan Miro and Picasso experiences

  • Spain: Eduardo Chillida Museum visits

  • Spain: Altamira prehistoric art visits

  • Spain: Thyssen, Reina Sofia and Pompidou experiences

  • Spain: Private art collection visits

  • Spain: Religious art tours

  • Spain: El Greco investigation

  • Spain: Mudejar art tours

  • Spain: Ben Jakober Balearic Islands

  • Spain: Catalan Art Nouveau and Modernism

  • Spain: Cesar Manrique art tour

  • Portugal: Art and museum tours

  • Portugal: Sant Anthony history tours

  • Portugal: Wine an culture packages

  • Portugal: Manueline art tours

  • Portugal: Gulbenkian experience

  • Morocco: Art and museum tours

  • Morocco: Kasbahs and imperial cities

  • Morocco: Marrakech garden and palace tours

  • Morocco: Madrasa experiences

  • Ecuador: Land of the unknown painters

  • Ecuador: Forgotten African cultures and art

  • Ecuador: Guayasamin & Kingman art tour

  • Ecuador: Unknown Indian art tour

  • Peru: Art tour Chavin to the Inca